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We're back
(04-22-2016, 03:47 PM)Birdman1811 Wrote: Well that was an interesting week. I've managed to inform some people as much as I could on Facebook , and I know Rich has been doing the same himself and on Twitter but I shall explain to everyone exactly what has happened and why we lost the forum for so long.

On Thursday my old server host, 123reg received a complaint from court that we had a thread speaking about a court injunction, specifically this nonsense over a threesome, now as far as I was aware there was no issue with that thread so none of us mods removed it. Now the host didn't e-mail me, or phone me, or anything, they just dropped a message in the support centre for me, and area I'm only likely to go if there is a problem, telling me I had 24 hours to remove the thread or the server would be suspended. I didn't get that message.

The next day the server was taken offline, that was Friday afternoon, I messaged them and asked to restore the server and I would immediately remove said thread. I heard nothing for a couple of days. On the Saturday they mentioned a few VPS customers had trouble accessing their LIVE servers, however mine wasn't live so I thought nothing of it, however they had put ours live at some point early Saturday morning, minutes before they killed it with a faulty script that has caused them chaos. As of writing this, my server is still lost, and they are having a lot of issues with customers rightly kicking off.

Last week was the worst possible time for this to happen, I had two big deadlines for Uni so had no time to sort it, today (Friday, a week on from the initial closure) I had enough time to get a new server and re set the board. We have however lost everything from the last 3, nearly 4 years. I am hoping once I get my old server back I can sort that out, but I can't promise anything right now. I have backups, they are so large it crashed the server trying to upload it.

I shall spend the weekend getting the forum back straight, the right sticky posts and so on put up, but for now just welcome back everyone, missed you all!

Well done and welcome back.

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