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We're back
"Last week was the worst possible time for this to happen, I had two big deadlines for Uni so had no time to sort it,"

Villa relegated and two meltdown-worthy performances, and you're concerned about University work? Poor, very poor.

Good work anyway Birdie, and Rich if you're reading.
Did turning it off and back in again work?
(04-23-2016, 05:53 AM)wba_go_boing Wrote: Did turning it off and back in again work?

Birdmon advised on sitonmyfacebook that this reliable method was about as effective as our strikers against Watford.
It's alive!

Top work Birdmon!
Great effort Birdmon on getting it back on line
Well done birdmon. I don't post often but I miss this b******x.
Nice one Birdmon.
(04-22-2016, 06:10 PM)Old Stroller Wrote: I assumed PK had decided to ban himself for a week again, pressed the wrong button and took all of us down with him.

Missed me, flock of seagulls hair?
Good work Birdmon, I'd thought a Villa fan had hacked us.
I think the same thing happened to Ross County. And Sainsbury's

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