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We're back
Well done, you have probably made a lot of grown men very happy
Thanks Birdman for getting this working again and enabling me to waste half my working day again Big Grin

I thought the double penalty miss had finally melted the site down for good.

Just think of the poor bored veterans having to build their reputations back up from zero again
Thank you, thank you thank you, I've spent the last week playing candy crush ffs.
welcome back!
(04-22-2016, 06:39 PM)Baggie_Shrek Wrote: Thanks for the effort and all that but can we get around to sorting the:

Daily Waggle on the Wastegrounds thread
The Lexicon
Any thread that I won.

Now that Fido has sorted Samba out anyway...

That won't take long.

Big Grin Smile

Well done for setting things back up again, Birdy.

Hassle you can do without, I would imagine.
If you need any help.... Well done
Laugh? I nearly went back to the Oatcake!  Cool
Cheers Birdmon.... lurking on .com was an ever so tedious affair
(04-22-2016, 11:30 PM)beefquiche Wrote: Cheers Birdmon.... lurking on .com was an ever so tedious affair

For a football message board it's got to be one of the most humourless places imaginable. Bizarre moderation on there.
yep... someone got banned for referring to Alan Irvine as AFI....

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