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We're back
Thanks for the time and perseverance Birdy, it's appreciated fella.
I assumed PK had decided to ban himself for a week again, pressed the wrong button and took all of us down with him.
Good work, Birdy. Really appreciate all the effort you put into this.
(04-22-2016, 03:47 PM)Birdman1811 Wrote: Well that was an interesting week. I've managed to inform some people as much as I could on Facebook , and I know Rich has been doing the same himself and on Twitter but I shall explain to everyone exactly what has happened and why we lost the forum for so long.

On Thursday my old server host, 123reg received a complaint from court that we had a thread speaking about a court injunction, specifically this nonsense over a threesome, now as far as I was aware there was no issue with that thread so none of us mods removed it. Now the host didn't e-mail me, or phone me, or anything, they just dropped a message in the support centre for me, and area I'm only likely to go if there is a problem, telling me I had 24 hours to remove the thread or the server would be suspended. I didn't get that message.

The next day the server was taken offline, that was Friday afternoon, I messaged them and asked to restore the server and I would immediately remove said thread. I heard nothing for a couple of days. On the Saturday they mentioned a few VPS customers had trouble accessing their LIVE servers, however mine wasn't live so I thought nothing of it, however they had put ours live at some point early Saturday morning, minutes before they killed it with a faulty script that has caused them chaos. As of writing this, my server is still lost, and they are having a lot of issues with customers rightly kicking off.

Last week was the worst possible time for this to happen, I had two big deadlines for Uni so had no time to sort it, today (Friday, a week on from the initial closure) I had enough time to get a new server and re set the board. We have however lost everything from the last 3, nearly 4 years. I am hoping once I get my old server back I can sort that out, but I can't promise anything right now. I have backups, they are so large it crashed the server trying to upload it.

I shall spend the weekend getting the forum back straight, the right sticky posts and so on put up, but for now just welcome back everyone, missed you all!
Remind me - who was it again?? Tongue
Thanks for the effort and all that but can we get around to sorting the:

Daily Waggle on the Wastegrounds thread
The Lexicon
Any thread that I won.

Now that Fido has sorted Samba out anyway...
Just tried logging in ,
no joy so have rejoined same name etc
Yay. Back. I've missed this place. Bloody typical that we missed the partyy when the soddin' Vile got relegated.
I feel whole once more, thought I'd have to start posting on .com or zone Sad
Cheers for the hard work Birdy can't be easy trying to study/work and sort this dump! Much appreciated.
Thanks Birdy. Good to have the site up and running again.

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