Polands complete overreaction to the Coronavirus
(03-13-2020, 09:57 PM)Derek Hardballs Wrote: If the government have this wrong and think they can hide behind the experts it will spectacularly backfire in my opinion.

The government are taking advice from experts which I think is what most would prefer.

Some people would try to exploit this for political capital and hope it goes wrong, but there are always some like that and we will see them hurling from the ditch.   

I expect different experts are saying different things as ever, let's hope the government are listening to the right experts. 
I imagine after this ends no one will be certain who got this right and they'll be arguments about it, and as always we won't know what would have happened for better or worse if another course had been taken, as that is impossible. 

Events like these bring out the best in some and the worst in others. 
Here's wishing success to the government and their expert advisers.

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