What annoys me about the Labour Party
(02-29-2020, 12:52 PM)Birdman1811 Wrote: Labour have never given me a reason to vote for them, at least in my voting time, had I been old enough I'd have voted for Blair first time. I really dislike Socialism, I really, really dislike the idea of government telling me how to live my life and spend the money I earn.

Neither has the Conservative party to be honest, I detest the very concept of 'least worst' I want to vote for someone I actually want to vote for. Least Worst allows complacency and incompetence, like our local Tory MP, Scott Mann, a guy who can't read fucking shop signage as a postie, and he was terrible at that, is now a fucking MP.

I'm a Lib Dem member, no idea why I still am since they don't really represent me anymore, I liked our old Lib Dem MP and at root principles they are probably the closest to me in beliefs. However I remember getting into an argument in the last local meeting about how the party doesn't seem to have a fucking clue what people want, and all the great ideas in the world mean fuck all if you can't get elected. Cornwall, a very heavy Leave vote area (Despite being totally reliant on EU funding to even exist.) Running a heavy Remain campaign? Just fucking stupid.

I've always believed people should vote, I'm moving towards that the whole idea is pointless, more I meet MP's and talk to them, the more I realise they are generally people incompetent at anything actually useful and shouldn't be in charge of a Goldfish bowl let alone the fucking country.

Hence my massive swing towards becoming a Libertarian and the removal of Government past the absolute minimum required to keep the most crucial things going. However many Libertarians are fucking idiots too. Overall, I just don't think democracy can ever work because quite frankly, people are just not capable of picking a government, we are far too tribal, far too prone to just following what friends and family along with the media tell us without trying to analyse and see all viewpoints.

Benevolent Dictatorship anyone?

Good post pal. MP’s are in the same boat as estate agents and recruiters for me, hopefully a boat that is sinking fast.
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