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Only fools & horses fan`s
(09-13-2017, 10:21 PM)Duffmon Wrote:
(09-13-2017, 09:44 PM)Malcolm Tucker Wrote:
(09-13-2017, 09:27 PM)Duffmon Wrote:
(09-13-2017, 09:11 PM)Duffmon Wrote: Watching this new Mitchell and Webb show on C4.

It's essentially Peep Show in the countryside without the monologues.

Actually there's one key difference between this and Peep Show.

Peep Show was good...

Quite enjoying it so far. Can't see any major similarity between Webb's characters in this and PS either

I gave up at the ad break. Mitchell was exactly the same as Mark, and Webb just looked like a dogooding version of Jez to me.

Was OK.

If Peep Show is your benchmark then you'll never be happy.

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